This page contains all the data you need to show that Ireland is not investing enough aid in preschool education. Download. Share. Act.

Country Data

Ireland has cut the percentage of its education aid budget going to vital preschool and early learning.

It is time to act for early years and meet the international target of 10% of its education aid budget being spent on preschool – up from 3.4%.

Ireland must consistently invest in early years

Ireland's inconsistent spending on preschool aid risks perpetuating inequality. Consistent spending on preschool education contributes to giving the world's children a fair start in life.

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Early years are being left out

Aid to preschool is consistently neglected, causing a crisis of inequality affecting the world's youngest children. In 2021, global aid to preschool education was just under 1% of total aid to education, far off the internationally agreed target of 10%. This imbalance must be reconsidered urgently.

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Ireland - stop missing the target

Investing in the early years is vital for children's futures. Yet in 2021, Ireland only committed 3.4% of education aid spending to preschool, missing the international 10% target by a long way.

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Make your voice heard

You can tell the Irish Government to make the early years a priority @dfatirl. It’s time to #ActForEarlyYears

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