The Act For Early Years Data Hub is a tool that equips you to take action. It contains all the data you need to show that the world’s youngest children have been deprioritised and to make the case for urgent change.

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Global Data

In 2018, the G20 made ground-breaking commitments to early childhood development, stating that “investment in early childhood development, without any discrimination, should be a high priority”.

But the latest data shows that 175 million children are still not enrolled in preschool education. The G20 must review and revitalise its commitments to the early years.

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Early years spending on a slippery slope

Between 2020 and 2021, donor countries slashed preschool aid by almost 10%. To prevent perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality, donors must urgently reverse this trend and reinvest in early education, the foundation of lifelong learning, health and wellbeing.

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Early years are being left out

Aid to preschool is consistently neglected, causing a crisis of inequality affecting the world's youngest children. In 2021, global aid to preschool education was just under 1% of total aid to education, far off the internationally agreed target of 10%. This imbalance must be reconsidered urgently.

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Missing the early years target

Despite the international target of allocating 10% of education aid spending to preschool, most donor countries fall short, meaning children are missing out on the best start in life.

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