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As a major global investor in education, the USA can do much more for young children.

It is time to act for early years and meet the international target of 10% of its education budget so that every child gets the best start in life.

The USA must reinvest in early years

While remaining a top donor, the USA’s preschool investment has wobbled in recent years. To ensure the world’s children have a fair chance from the start, the USA must continue to increase investment in early years education and learning.

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Early years are being left out

Despite encouraging progress in aid to preschool education in 2022, it remains just under 1.5% of total aid to education, far off the internationally agreed target of 10%. This imbalance must be reconsidered urgently. The consistent neglect of aid to preschool has caused a crisis of inequality affecting the world’s youngest children, which will require years of improved investment to address. As long as preschool aid lags behind other education aid, this gap will be impossible to close.

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USA - stop missing the target

Investing in the early years is vital for children’s futures. Yet in 2022, the USA only committed 0.4% of education aid spending to preschool, missing the international 10% target by a huge margin.

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The USA must continue to be a reliable top donor

In 2022, the USA was one of the top five country donors for preschool, with $4.8m accounting for 9% of the total $53.3m in bilateral aid. Over-reliance on a few top donors puts young children at risk of instability due to changing priorities, so the USA must continue to be a dependable partner that prioritizes the early years.

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You can tell the US Government to make the early years a priority @StateDept. It’s time to #ActForEarlyYears

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