Day of the African Child

To mark the Day of the African Child on June 16 and its special focus on education for all children in Africa, join more than 1,500 Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors from across the region to demand urgent support for Africa’s youngest learners.

Download one of these graphics – or create a poster – to share on social media with #ActForEarlyYears and @ tag your country’s leaders!

The foundations for learning are built in the early years of life before children even start primary school. Currently sub-Saharan African countries invest an average of just 2.3% of their education budgets on preschool. To ensure the success of the African Union’s Year of Education, individual leaders across the continent need to work towards the internationally agreed target of 10%.

Sub-Saharan Africa - let's Act For Early Years

On this #DayOfTheAfricanChild, we are calling on leaders across the continent to meet the internationally agreed 10% investment target for preschool education. Let's #ActForEarlyYears! #DAC2024

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Create a poster

Priscilla Ibadin, a Global Youth Ambassador from Nigeria, is ensuring that the voices of young children are represented through these posters.

Simply download the poster, give it to a child to colour in or write a message, and then post it on social media with #ActForEarlyYears - we'll make sure global leaders see them!

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