Make your own Act For Early Years poster

Children under eight can join Act For Early Years by submitting their own posters. We'll take them to world leaders when we meet them. Here's how...

Step 1. Get a poster

Download one of the posters. Print out or open in a drawing app like MS Paint or Canva.

Children can write their own message to world leaders or pick a poster with a prewritten message to colour in or draw on.

Get poster

Step 2. Give to children to draw

Give the poster to a child or group of children – they can use whatever art supplies they like (pens, crayons, paint, etc) to colour in the words or draw a picture of something “angry” like an angry face, or ask them to add their own message to Presidents and Prime Ministers!

When they’ve finished, ask them to add their first name and age, or add it yourself.

Step 3. Share their poster!

Take a photo of the finished poster from above and post it on social media with the hashtag #ActForEarlyYears

If you don’t have social media, email to

We’ll take them to world leaders!