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We, the undersigned – a movement of young individuals, educators, parents, caregivers, community pioneers, business leaders, and professionals – urgently implore you: Act for the Early Years.
The undeniable reality is that we face a global early years catastrophe. Over half of our world’s young minds are deprived of essential childcare and foundational education and learning.
This imbalance means that countless children start their educational journey at a disadvantage, further entrenching societal inequalities and hindering their lifelong potentials.
We fervently urge every government:
  • To pledge unwavering commitment to top-tier programmes and support for families.
  • To empower and equip skilled professionals in child care and education in every community.
  • To allocate adequate public funding, ensuring EVERY child is granted a fair and prosperous beginning.
Decades of inadequate attention and limited investment in these foundational years have persisted. This negligence cannot continue.
World Leaders, the question stands:
Will you champion the cause and act for the early years?

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