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The world’s youngest children deserve better

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Dear G20 Leaders,

In 2018, the G20 countries made a ground-breaking commitment to the world’s youngest children. We call on you to review and revitalise your commitment to ensure that all children have access to quality early childhood development.

We – young people, teachers, parents, community leaders, experts – ask that the G20 make new pledges to guarantee:

  • Universal access to affordable, quality childcare, with high quality, proven interventions available to every child spanning education, health, nutrition and social protection
  • Investment in a fully trained, qualified and funded early years workforce
  • Delivery of the internationally agreed target to invest 10% of education funding in pre-primary education and learning, and agree similar targets across all sectors

Why this matters

17% less likely to be suspended from school. 26% more likely to have a job. 11% more likely to enjoy good health. Imagine knowing what would unlock these massive improvements in the lives of disadvantaged children – and then doing little or nothing about it.

That’s the exact situation we’re in right now. Those changes are the real difference that quality early years care and education can bring to marginalised children. But instead of rushing to deliver for every child, world leaders are dragging their feet on investment promises made five years ago.

The G20 leaders know the importance of early years. When they met five years ago they signed up to promises to invest hugely in early years. But then the pandemic happened and the promises got forgotten. Now, we need to remind them, before it’s too late for another generation of children.

In 2023, we have a vital opportunity. We can put pressure on the leaders of some of the world’s most powerful countries to start investing in early years, before another generation of children misses out.

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