Early Childhood Development: From promises to action. An #ActForEarlyYears G20 policy brief

Around the world, the situation for the youngest members of society and the people who take care of them – parents, carers, nursery teachers, teaching assistants – is worsening and suffering from a lack of investment and interest. There is truly a global crisis in the early years.

In 2018 the G20 launched the Initiative for Early Childhood Development (ECD) stating that ECD “is a powerful equalizer that can help narrow the wide gaps in outcomes and opportunities that exist between children from higher and lower socioeconomic backgrounds and also the gender gap between boys and girls.”

This briefing is focused on ensuring the G20 puts the early years at the heart of tackling inequality as a critical pillar of President Lula da Silva’s ambition of Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet, laying out both the moral and strategic case for investment.

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