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URGENT: American families can’t continue working without affordable childcare.

Agree? Add your name to demand our leaders act urgently to invest in young children.

At midnight this Saturday, September 30, $24 billion in federal pandemic aid for childcare providers will end abruptly. That could result in more than 70,000 childcare programs closing — and the loss of childcare spots for more than 3 million children across the country.

More than half of U.S. families say their childcare expenses have increased in the last six months. One in four parents has even quit a job or dropped out of education because of these rising costs.

Starting next week, with no pandemic funding, childcare providers already struggling with soaring costs and labor shortages will have to raise the cost of childcare for families — or simply close their doors.

That’s why Theirworld, a leading children’s charity, is calling on leaders to act urgently, to invest in the Early Years.
Our country already ranks behind countries like Mexico, Colombia and the European Union for how much we invest in early childhood care and education.

We cannot let a generation, already reeling from the pandemic, fall even further behind. Add your name now to demand greater investment in early years childcare and education across the country.

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