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Demand $1 billion is invested in Early Years

Give every child a fair start

90% of brain growth happens before age 5, but half the world’s children lack access to nurturing care and quality education during this critical window.

The fallout is profound: millions of children, particularly those from marginalised communities, are left behind from the start, denied the chance to fulfil their potential academically and in life.

Investing in the early years of children’s lives is a game-changer. By channelling resources into this critical period, we have the power to support countless futures, offering millions of young learners the high-quality care and learning they urgently require yet often miss out on.

Yet despite the evidence, World Leaders continue to underinvest.

We cannot ignore this any longer, it’s time to Act For Early Years. Demand leaders commit $1 billion in new funding to provide millions of children with the quality early education and care they urgently need and rightfully deserve. The future of our next generations is at stake, and they cannot afford to wait.

Sign now to demand every child, everywhere, has an equal chance at success. Tackling inequality begins in the early years.

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